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In November of 2006 I took advantage of a hallway, and created Alcove. Formerly nestled at 547 W. 27th St., Alcove was a cozy alternative exhibition space, where art came face to face with art, and the viewer.

After I closed Alcove, in September of 2009 I opened SUGAR.

Based in installation art SUGAR thrives on the dialogue between artworks, creating the space, or lack thereof, and an environment to stimulate a notion outside of the individual artworks intent. "SUGAR strays away from solo shows, choosing instead to create a work of art itself through the juxtaposition of the artists work amongst one another."

Jason Lujan
Santa Fe Sounds for New York City
Cassette tape, gaffer tape, vellum on frame
16” x 20”

Gwendolyn Skaggs
Wood, clay, glass, brass
13 ½” x 12” x 7”