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Christy Singleton
Performance and video animation
August 25th 7:30-9pm Note: performance starts at 8 sharp. No admittance after.

Christy is a visual artist who one day decided to explore her vocal talents through song. Braving yet another competitive "industry" and "scene" with the knowing that, for an artist, making art is not a choice, but a necessity. And utilizing all modes of communication gifted to one, is a must.
"I will be doing some improvisational singing with my own compositions, that shall accompany a video collage, with animations. The music is work that I have experimented with in the past year. The imagery in the video is part of a larger project called "All the Desire, Joy, and Rage" that I've begun to construct within my living space." - Christy Singleton

Christy at SUGAR:
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