exhibitions > 1.22.11 - 3.6.11

Tongue Slap, performance by THROWHITE.
(Genevieve White and Zefrey Throwell)

Playing with innocence and asking people to make a choice, while offering some degree of spontaneity and control, we are interested in knowing who will invade a personal space and take a gesture out of context- into closeness with a stranger, creating a bond through non-verbal gestures that connote visceral sensory sensations.

Genevieve White, in collaboration with Zefrey Throwell.

The suits were adorned with lollipops. The two performers began indulging in the lollipops on one another. Leaving open the invitation for the audience to participate.

Performed at SUGAR January 22, 2011, opening reception of Visceral Logic.

video courtesy of THROWHITE, photographs/stills by Abby Ruby, and Gwendolyn Skaggs.