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Vincent Como
Vincent Como

Untitled (Reinhardt)
Ball Point Pen On Paper
60 x 60 inches

The work that engages me and drives me forward is powered by Black. In applying my research and interest for the history and traditions of Color Theory, Physics, Alchemy, Heavy Metal, Religion and Mythology I am working toward a comprehensive understanding of the interrelation of Black, Darkness, and Matter. Black is the pure and unrepentant mark of information; both the origin of recording thoughts, and the fully saturated realization of all pigment as one. Darkness is the event, or phenomena of Blackness; the threshold over which light can no longer affect a receptor (eye, camera, etc.). Matter is the physical manifestation of Black-made-flesh; the Ka'abah or Black Stone of Mecca, Dark Matter and Black Holes, the Nigredo stage of alchemical transformation. Through these investigations, the goal of my work is to expand and cross the boundaries which define and divide Black, Darkness and Matter into a unified concept. A Black Singularity.

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