exhibitions > 09.25.10 - 11.20.10

Eliza Swann
Eliza Swann

top: Self-Transforming Elf Machine 16 x 20 c print in artist frame
bottom: Of Certain Other Worlds 16 x 20 c print in artist frame
right: Untitled 20 x 16 c print in artist frame

My contribution to the Sugar show is a series of photographs and mirrors excerpted from a larger conceptual video and performance piece entitled "The Oraculum". The Oraculum performance series enlists women to perform various trance inducing activities such as head banging, chanting, mirror scrying, and suggestive hypnosis to encourage a state of transcendence and prophecy. This modern oracle attempts to celebrate the "irrational" or "feminine" aspects of wisdom and leadership that have been viewed as inferior in our contemporary understanding of Dualism. The Oraculum purports that illogicality and nonsense can be the catalyst for truths of great profundity.