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Kevin Curran
Kevin Curran

Anchor Table with Football Player Maquette, Picture Frame and Shotgun.
Foam, paint, mica, wood, lacquer, and ink on paper.

Kevin Curran grew up in Upstate New York, where he used to make milk cartons into action figures and toy guns out of scrap wood. He double-majored in Studio-Art and Philosophy. Now he teaches sculpture and art history in Tokyo for half the year, and spends the rest of his time in Bushwick where he keeps a studio.

"I want to combine traditional art making and references to art history with science fiction, pop culture and my personal history. I consider my practice to be centered around drawing; the speed of drawing, the sense of gesture and the accumulation over time of decisions that form an image and a context are all part of my process.

Right now I am making drawings and sculptures. I want to arrange these things in the space to make an environment that is at once both homey and narrative."