exhibitions > 09.26.09 - 11.07.09

The inaugural show, a taste of sugar, is an installation composed of artworks, of a variety of mediums, created by artists from a variety of art backgrounds. The works were selected by their individual merits and arranged by their communal characteristics. The exhibit consist of works by artists I know and have worked with in the past, or getting to know and hope to work with in the future. The end result is a narrative about the inner and outer workings of relating and displays a fine example of the flavors to come. It's sweet, like a salt lick, and it's a taste of SUGAR.

Dax Van Aalten Paul Brainard Scott Espeseth David B. Frye Jason Grabowski Loie Hollowell Luisa Kazanas Carla Knopp Amy Lincoln Nina Meledandri Jacqueline Lou Skaggs Stephen Stoller Maria Walker Helena Wurzel Doug Young