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9.26.15 - 11.14.15
9.26.15 - 11.14.15

Matters of the jugular.
An installation by Gwendolyn Charlene Skaggs with:
Christy Singleton
Vincent Como
Erika Keck
Douglas Goldberg
Andrew Wilhelm
Doug Young
Jacqueline Lou Skaggs
David B Frye
Albert Weaver
Art Guerra
Willie Gregory
And a poem by Todd Matus

This installation opens season #6 at SUGAR. Comprised of individual artworks, Matters of the jugular. steers each work into larger works/installations loosely titled:
Untitled (Broken Views.)
Untitled (A blue line.)
Untitled (A new day waits.)
Untitled (Without too many pieces getting rained on.)
Untitled (Roots in spoiled soil.)
Untitled (Superheroes, Saints, and sweet smells.)
Untitled (Formal Casual-ty.)

The premise of this installation stems from the inhalation of worldly matters that surround us, necessitating an awareness of boundaries, borders, change, tolerance, acceptance, understanding -as the passages from the heart and mind (or vice versa) configures an outcome. I am indebted to all of the artists involved for allowing me the luxury to remove the original intent of their artworks and to place them into a context unbeknownst to them, as their works are now in my hands and seemingly settled within my vision and into the media of installation art.

This exhibition is dedicated to the breath of the words: Black. Lives. Matter.

Note: The jugular veins are veins that bring deoxygenated blood from the head back to the heart via the superior vena cava.
The jugular vein is the subject of a popular idiom in the English language, deriving from its status as the vein most vulnerable to attack. The phrase 'to go for the jugular', means to attack decisively at the weakest point - in other words, to attack at the opportune juncture for a definitive resolution, or coup-de-grace.