exhibitions > 1.11.14 - 2.22.14

tethered, freely
tethered, freely

Jacqueline Lou Skaggs

About the paintings, except for Unfinished view of the Housatonic with water stains, which does not demand a statement)...

Using a simple graphic, works from "the Mary Jane series" were an opportunity to indulge in the luxuries of painting by flaunting the beauty of modernist implications, light and traditional techniques and materials (oil on wood panels prepared with a recipe inclusive of marble dust and hide glue). This work allowed me to willfully and whimsically present the simple graphic in various costumes and imply the poetics of specific light. They were a real pleasure to make for a painter at heart. Paintings made purely for the sake of painting.

About A two word poem (Sweet dreams from dark waters)...

Invisible words. The Charted breaths of letters, poems and notes. Some received. Some never sent. Some charted and destroyed.
About the reverberating ground- those lines. The surface begins with one line. Guided by the charted text’s nuance, its meaning, its tone, the fate of that initial line and its route is determined. The lines that follow and surround it are a reaction to this one line. Their destiny towards the edges morphing with the illusion of freedom and unpredictability like a reverberating melodic tune.