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02.23.13 - 03.30.13
Opening: Saturday February 23, 5-7.
02.23.13 - 03.30.13
Opening: Saturday February 23, 5-7.

Slippery When Wet (an artwork by Gwendolyn C. Skaggs)

Artwork by Liv Mette Larsen, Floor series
paired with
Artwork by Gwendolyn C. Skaggs, Slip Casting series

Enter with caution, watch your step, this installation is d e l i c a t e.

Though abstracted from her real life, Liv’s egg tempera renderings of patterns found in her studio floor are not abstract paintings, rather they are stoic, given forms, from trails of the past. Seemingly peeled, cleanly, with her vision and dexterity, the shapes, abound with vibrant colors and visible strokes are grouped, coupled, tried, and glorified on raw linen, the air on which they float, suspended in a moment of contentment.

Not so content are the slip castings from Gwendolyn’s seven plaster moulds. Virgins to a kiln, these delicate forms examine, play with, and test the iconic nature of the figurines identity. Precariously arranged and at times left unfettled, their essence is light heartedly tooled away in an attempt to release them of their responsibilities. Only makeshift remedies keep their insinuated stability afloat, as gravity is the puppeteer.

Viewing Room:
Scott Espeseth